My frontiers have narrowed with the years,

I tell myself.

As I debate going

To the outside of my

Aunt's house, on the estate

Where I used to roam freely on these

Easter Sundays, when I was so much


This Easter, after a light meal, ( so I don't give

myself heartburn, I tell myself) I think of my New

Shoes, and newer suit and I stay inside the house and

examine the company instead, roaming the rooms, and discover

that perhaps, I haven't narrowed those frontiers at all. It seems that I've

Merely embarked on adventures to deeper places.


There is a note at the bottom of this poem, written somewhere between the date of its writing, on Easter, 15 April, 1990, and its re-discovery in 1997.

The note states "reflect, although unknown at time, the flux from external to internal, which has now become so important in the author's [my] life".

Space and time have become very important in my life at this point. Interestingly enough, I have to wonder where I am on that square now. Then, I was moving from external, non-people, to internal, people. I have since explored internal, non-people (kind of a self exploration) and now seem to be beginning to enjoy external, people.

Instead of a square, based on two items, however, I'm beginning to wonder if the exploration involves three factors, though: the third factor being 'is the explorer alone or not?'

In that case, the above would show a transition between exploration of non-humans, alone, to exploration of humans alone. The transition since then would then be from exploration of humans, alone, to exploration of self, alone. Now I'm beginning to enjoy exploration of non-humans together with other humans, and am allowing them to aid me in exploring humans. The 'final frontier' will be what is occurring now: the allowance of other humans to explore me.