Pseudo-philosophy, or Real Questions?

I hope I'm asking real questions, both here, and in all of my life. I've always wondered about items such as are listed on my "questions" pages. Over time, I'll add (I hope) many essays to this list, detailing the questions I'm asking in my life, and the answers at which I arrive.

No one has all of the pieces of the puzzle. I've heard it said that for every piece information which one takes from the web, one ought to add a unique piece of his or her own. This page is designed with a three-fold purpose in mind:

Essays on myself provides a place for what I think are simple personal ramblings, but which might click with the experiences of my readers (but really are just that: potentially shared experiences and thoughts). At the moment, I've only kept on essay, which I wrote back in 1996, when I put this site up in its first edition. It is here that I will add the bulk of my material.

Others' Philosophies provides links to other pages of folks who do the same thing.

I hope to make it a bit more interactive than it is at the moment, but for now, here are the "rules":

For issues covered by the first point: relax, and enjoy the syncronicity. (Unless you really want to talk about it.)

For issues covered by point two: please e-mail me! I'd love to "trade pieces". If something really fits well, I'll get it up here, so everyone can see how it fits.

For issues in category three: "trade ya!" You link me to your site, and I'll link you to mine.