The following is the result of a day early this summer when I attempted to actively reach for folks whose "spirits are kindred", or at least those who have enough of what it takes to really use the web for REAL conversations and self-evaluation.

Comments about the links below are mine.

Laura Lemay's Home Page

A Reflection
Included for its poigniency, and for its nearness to my heart. We've all heard stories about the ghettos and the Holocaust, but have we really heard anyone address them like this?

Meditations towards a personal philosophy
A bit of a long-winded look, but all are welcome here.

"My personal philosophy"
Rather a forceful look at life, after reading the one above. From a kindred spirit. Read the rest of his page too. (I know I can identify with feeling like I'm only worth the money I earn someone.....)
His atheism has been quite challenging to me, and he's getting some interesting links.

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