Why I Am A Gardener:
(Not: Why I garden)

A stream of consciousness essay ...

The Bible makes clear that man is at his best with his hand in the dirt.

I agree.

I take much less for granted.

I find it gives me lots of time to think.

But while I think, I can leave my gardens feeling like I've actually accomplished something, a feeling I don't get from "ivory tower" academic life.

However, I'm not in it just for me.

I'm in it for those who will come after me.

I cannot count how much I've planted, all the while knowing that I'd never see them again, but someone else would.

I cannot tell the times I've pulled a weed, knowing it would offend someone else.

Why do I note the difference between being and doing? because too many today, especially in the United States, think that what they do is who they are. In other words, too many folks are defined, even have their entire lives defined, by what they DO.

I prefer not to be this way.

I have learned, through a study of the meaning of the Jewish Sabbath, (and what is supposed to be the Christian Sabbath as well), that the whole reason this one-day-a-week was instituted, and so tightly circumscribed, was to prevent what I speak of in the paragraph above. We are told not to work one day each week in order to force us, if necessary, to think about what we really are, as people.

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