Temporary Bridge Index for Paul's Academic Writings.

These stem from the last third of my post-grad studies, after I "opted out" of my more religiously oriented Th.M. track toward my eventual degree in Counseling Studies.

More will be added here as I scan in the "A-work" that I did on my typewriter or my old '286'"

Abuse in the New Testament

Abuse in the Old Testament

Religious Addiction -- I wrote this in conjunction with my Thesis advisor, based on a good bit of mutual experience. It essentially posits that one can use religion in the same manner as one would use drugs, alchohol, sex, cigarrettes, or whatever have you.

While my Masters Thesis is more of a blend of both my ThM years and my Counseling years, I'll place it here, since its recommendations lean toward, and it was finished during, my counseling days...

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