Collecting and making available the works of William Andrus Alcott has now become a serious hobby. Alcott, who lived between 1798 and 1859, wrote prolifically -- at least a book a year to sometimes two and three books per year in his peak period, between 1832 and 1858. The US Library of Congress lists at least 50 of his works at last check. However, cross-referencing from private research (sales offers printed in back of some books, etc -- coupled with simple procurement of books not listed in USLOC) indicates a minimum of 70 books. Many of his books continued to be published well after his death. I'll note below which edition I've transcribed, if applicable.
He wrote on health, family life, and religion, among other things, and will, I hope, provide a treasure trove of knowledge of the middle third of the 19th Century.
Over the past few years, I have managed to assemble a spreadsheet combining various lists to determine a sort of master publication list. I currently use it as a primitive inventory. At some point, I hope to make it available -- both as a resource, and as a way of perhaps gaining input from other researchers on titles and editions I might be missing.

I'm hoping eventually to make each book available in HTML, Adobe PDF, and Palm OS format. These ICONS signify the formats CURRENTLY available for each book. Click on an icon to download the book in that format, ELSE click on the BOOK TITLE to download in TXT/HTML format.
HTML format PalmOS format Adobe PDF format
Books by Dr Alcott are listed here in order by YEAR OF PUBLICATION for whatever edition I've been able to make available.

A Young Man's Guide  (1836, 10th Edition) First transcription, Uploaded June 1997
The Adventures of Lot. (1836) UPLOADED July 7th, 1998
Eliot and the Indians  (February, 1838)   for the Boston Sabbath School Society
UPLOADED July, 2001
  Elijah and the Ravens  (1839) UPLOADED 19th November, 1999
    The Sabbath School as it Should Be   (1841)
Originally intended for March, 2002 release -- now on indefinite hold, pending specific request. (Other Alcott works have taken precedence.)
  Sunday Among The Puritans
(PUBLISHED - 1851)
UPLOADED 6th August 2004
(Fifth Stereotype Edition, published 1868 -- First Edition appeared in 1842)
UPLOADED 23rd May, 2003
Tobacco - Its Effects on the Human System  (1883)THIS PROJECT REMAINS IN STASIS -- Project initiated January 1999, stalled by workload shortly thereafter -- Restart Attempted November 1999 -- Last update March 2000. Project currently complete but upload hampered by corrupt datafile [2002].

  Pedagogy  (1884) --(UPLOADED 28th April, 1998)

  What a Young Boy Ought to Know. (1905)

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