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Early Work:

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Dr. Tom Edgington

Non-Profit Sites
  1. The Warsaw Biblical Gardens
  2. The Kosciusko County Combined Community Services
Newer Sites Done at my Job
  1. Kosc.Co. Solid Waste Mgmt District
  2. Unlimited Potential Inc. (UPI)
  4. Par-Kan Industries
  5. Blossers' Camera and Video
  6. Hepzibah House and
  7. Believer's Baptist Church
  8. Tyler Machinery
  1. The Syracuse Chamber of Commerce
  2. The Kosciusko County Historical Society
  3. The KCOnline Home Site
  4. The HoosierLink Home Site
  5. KCDesign Studio
  6. Warsaw's Business Community!
  7. The U S Naval Academy Prayer Page
  8. AquaControl Guttering