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Cool Stuff I've found...

ScienceDaily Magazine -- Home Page
National Geographic's Cyber Tiger
Chicago:Friends of the Frog
North American Eagle 700 mph World Land Speed Record Car
AIRSPACE Action on Smoking and Health
CyberCash Home Page
See an online knee operation
The WWW Speedtrap Registry:
Yahoo! - Entertainment:Useless Pages 

General Reference

ER Watch
Exhibits Collection -- The Middle Ages
ABMS Certified Doctor Home Page
United States Postal Service
The postal world on WWW
Award Winning Real Hourly Wage JavaScript Calculator!
Basic U.S. Patent, Trademark & Copyright Information
Comet Hale-Bopp at www.
Fedstats: One Stop Shopping Federal Statistics
History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day
Indiana Dialup Internet Access Providers
International Space Station
Internet Domain Survey
Lucent Technologies - 50 Years of the Transistor
National Archives and Records Administration
National Gallery of Art
National Headache Foundation Sign-In Page
Neanderthal Flute
Nonprofit Resources Catalogue: Table of Contents
Opera Works
Philanthropy Journal Online
Sunrise/Sunset computation
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
The International Lyrics Server
TRAVEL - Internet Travel Network - Travel Reservations and Information
travlang's Translating Dictionaries
U.S. Statistics and Facts Homepage
Welcome to CyberHomes
Welcome to Merriam-Webster!

Insurance Goodies

As a result of a recent search, here are a bunch of links, reflecting both what it takes to get the lowest possible insurance rate, and how to find it.
E-INSURE - Online Insurance Home Page
Auto Guide
Consumer Insurance Connection
Insurance Shopping Network. Insurance Quotes for your Auto, Home, Health, and Life Insurance Online!
III: Nine Ways
Products Link Page
Consumer Information Center Main Page
Remember "Free Stuff" and cute puppies? Here's the home page for all kinds of free information!
General Services Admin's Legal Page
I believe this is a searchable database of the whole federal code.
Home & Consumer Solutions
Homebuyers' Fair Relocation Salary Calculator
Hughes Internet Access System - Modem Init Strings
I believe these are all platforms, but I can't vouch for their integrity. Use at your own risk. Mac Users, see my Mac Resources for Mac-Specific stuff.
IBM Patent Server Home Page
Search for patent information dating back (for now) to 1972.
Infoseek Holiday UltraShop -- Directory
Internet Statistics: Web Growth, Internet Growth
IRC Help - the ability utility
Microsoft Expedia travel services
Modem Initialization Strings
I believe these just PC, but I can't vouch for their integrity. Use at your own risk.
NASA Space Shuttle Web Archives
NetVet - Cat Home Page
If you enjoy cats, this is the place. Check out cat humour, too.
NetVet Veterinary Resources Home Page
PCL Map Collection
Pure-Bred Puppy Net ©
RCA Victor: Greatest Hits: Classical Jukebox
Secure Tax
Tis the season.....
Take a Free Ride on AutoPilot®
Planning a Trip? This is a terrific reference, which actually plots the trip for you, complete with timed rest-stops, etc.
The Anti-Telemarketer Source
The Department of the Treasury: IRS--Tax Forms
"Appropriate" for the coming season........
The World-Village Project
A great help keeping what we take for granted in truer perspective!
Top 100 stores on the net.
U.S. Census Bureau Home Page
U.S. Copyright Office Home Page
USPS ZIP Code Lookup and Address Information
Warsaw Statistics from FED census...
Good Warsaw Statistics
What is Life?
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Internet:Entertainment:Interesting Devices Connected to the Net

Humour and General Fun

Welcome to
Ben's World o' Sounds
Dadgum Games
158 Humor Mailing Lists
Rec.humor.funny Home Page
The Sounds of Insanity
Belt Sander Drag Racing!!!!!
Folks, you're not going to believe your eyes, but step right up anyway! Just when you thought you'd seen it all!
Y-Life: Yippee/Ya-Hooey (FART, FARTS, fart)
The Bartender Joke of the Day
Monkeys Typing Shakespeare
Parody Songs Backvault Comedy Page
What A View!
Introducing Sarah...
Breed Select
101 uses for AOL disks
A whale of a movie!
This happened in 1970. Dave Barry wrote about it. If you have a T1, or ISDN/DSL (it is a 11,456K download)... this is one of the funniest movies I've seen. Listen for the sound of falling blubber.... and grin. This IS real, folks......
aNgry.oRG: Anger Central
Body Music!
Chupacabra Home Page
Deb and Jen's Land O' Useless Facts
Fierce Creatures
Index of Top Ten Lists and Similar Humor
jargon, node: Top
Looney Tunes Karaoke-Home
Mail a Meal - Gourmet Postcards
Microsoft Jokes
Oracle Service Humor Archives
Practical Jokes from alt.shenanigans
Pythonesque Mona Nixon
You'll need java to view this
Romance Writer: Computer-Generated Romance Stories
The Amazing Nose Cam
The Comic Strip
The Jihad To Destroy Barney on the Worldwide Web 2.0
The Mother of all Humor Archives
The ONION, Number One In News
Well, their sort of news. Good, solid, tongue-in-cheek reporting, like the liberal media could never give it to us!
Toiletology 101: A Complete Course in Toilet Repairs
TV Bytes: WWW TV Themes Home Page : By Patrick G. Kenny
Useless WWW Pages
Welcome to HappyNet

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